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The purpose of this website is to help our community be more "in touch" with what's going on and with each other and our Association Board members.  We welcome your input and encourage you to become involved with your neighborhood.  Use the Contact Us link in the upper right corner to send a message to the web designer and/or any of our board members.  Give us your ideas, suggestions, praise or just your opinion.  All are welcome.  We would especially like to hear any ideas you might have to help bring our community members together.

We are trying to make this site a resource for information to our members.  If you didn't make it to the board meeting you can read the minutes of the meetings in the Documents section.  Did you accidentally throw out the latest newsletter before getting a chance to read it?  You'll find a copy of it here as well.

Thanks for visiting the site and again, let us know what you feel about your community or help us with your ideas by using the contact us link above.

Association Dues Announcement

The first quarter invoices could not be delivered by email due to some technical issues.  So all invoices were mailed via US Postal Service.  We are working to solve the problems with the email delivery of the Association Dues Invoices as quickly as we can.  Any questions or concerns can be directed to Perry O'Brian. Contact info is listed below.

Staying in Touch

Please consider going green by providing your eMail address on your next billing statement or CLICK HERE to use the contact us page.  We will eMail you your bill, newsletter, and party invitations.  Did you know that we have approximately 100 residents in the association, which computes to $45 for each & every group mailing?  Please help us put this money to better use in our community.

Board Members

Any questions or concerns - please contact a board member or attend an association meeting which are held on the third Monday of each month at the park garage at 6:30 P.M.  ALL CORALVILLE LAKE TERRACE ASSOCIATION MEMBERS ARE WELCOME!

Current Board Members

President  Steve Speakman email 
Vice President
Secretary & Newsletter   
Treasurer Perry O’Brien email
Water & Wells  Jerry Brogan 319-626-6271
Roads & Park  Jon Pals 319-626-2585
At Large  Tom Terrill 319-626-3876
At Large  Kevin Haines 319-560-3944

Neighbor Recommended Service Providers

If you live in the association area and have a service provider that you would like to recommend, please use the CONTACT US form to make your suggestion. Be sure to provide the service provider's full address and phone number.