Documents of Interest to Property Owners

Below are links to several different PDF files containing information that Owners and prospective owners might be interested in.  These are for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as 100% accurate or current. This is what was provided to me at the time and there may be newer versions of these document since they were posted here.  I will try to provide current information but this is a part-time endeavor so information posted here could be outdated.

Restrictive Covenants

Articles of Incorporation


CLTIA Association Dues are assessed quarterly: January, April, July, and October as follows:

  • Developed lot $140.00
  • Undeveloped lot $30.00
  • Half lot $15.00

Full payment is due upon receipt. Send check payments to "CLTIA" PO Box 26, North Liberty, IA 52317.

Monthly Association Meeting Minutes (when provided)

Help Viewing These Documents

There are several good and free PDF file viewers available on The Internet.  Most people are probably familiar with the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is one of the most popular.  I happen to prefer one called PDF X-Change Viewer.  You can get either of those programs by clicking on their names.  Simply install them and after that, you will be able to click on the document links and they should appear for your viewing and/or printing pleasure.  Be sure to uncheck any additional products that are listed.  Most FREE program downloads and installs now come with other "trial" software as a way for those providing the FREE program to make a little money.